Playing The Mobile Strike Effectively By Building Correctly

Whether you are an avid gamer or someone that plays only occasionally to spend your free time relaxing and being laid back without the stress of work or study, you are sure to be aware of the different types of games that are popular currently. If you have downloaded the immensely popular and also challenging MMO Mobile Strike then you sure are going to be excited to be able to play it well.There is the official help in the form of the tutorial, but that may not be sufficient for you to understand the nuances that will help you consolidate your base above those of your enemies.

The initial buildings

Once you are through with the initial tutorials, you can move onto the mission tab as there will be several of them to complete that will also give you the guidelines as to which building you should build first. You can also go for online advanced guides for this game, one of the online site is Some of the first structures that you should concentrate on are the building of multiple farms, oil well, iron mines, and quarries. The building at least ten each of one type at a time will help you in winning a large amount of food and also the power. Once you complete the process make sure to destroy some of the buildings and move on to the next type.This helps on the quick adding of the resources.

The important structures


Since you are building a military base, you will naturally have troops that you have to train and upgrade. It is important that you have multiple training grounds for the purpose along with several hospitals with beds that exceed your troop number. This way you can be sure that as long as your troops are in the base even at the time of an attack, they will not die. This will save a lot of resources and time later so that you do not have to build a compatible troop again.

Fetching your free resources

For the building of your base, you will be in need of the resources for which you have to move around in the world. There are several ways of collecting the resources for free and it is good to rely on them instead of spending your hard cash for them. There is a resource button at the left-hand corner of the screen at the bottom that will give you some free resources. In the world map too you will find them here and there but make sure to take troops with you and also be aware of the traps that the enemy may lay.

Leveling up as a power

The other imperative of the game is the joining of the alliance at the very beginning even before you can start with your building of the base. This will help you in reducing the building time considerably with the help of your alliance, save you costs of building and also upgrade them. You have to upgrade from time to time so that you are on par with the enemy and the research by your alliance will help you in doing so economically. Be sure to Level up your Commander by maxing the Commander Skill Tree and making her or him powerful like the action heroes of your favorite movies.

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