Pixel Gun 3D Give Some Mind-Blowing User Experience As FPS Game


Shooting games may not be everyone’s cup of tea with the banal idea that it may induce a violent mind. But the Minecraft style blocky 3D graphics of the game Pixel Gun 3D is something that is catching on like fire with the players across the world. This is not without reason as the graphic is surely something to get impressed with and the shooting is not a senseless affair but calls for sharpness and attention on the part of the player. The availability of the single player mode and the multiple player mode makes the game playable for all at all times.

Calls for keen attention

As the premier first-person shooting game, the Pixel Gun surely stands with it’s head above all other games when it comes to drawing maximum attention of the player. My personal experience with the zombie and the skeleton shooting tells me that I had to put in my mind to shoot down the enemy well. There is danger lurking from all corners, and the players are called to battle them with close attention and also using their wits. The pixel heavy graphics do not allow the player to get the crystal clear view of the enemy that makes it all the more challenging.

Enjoying the single mode

I enjoyed playing in the Survival Mode when I wanted to be by myself and spend my free time keeping my tired mind alive with the shooting game. Fighting the specific number of enemies at each level and moving on with the game is surely an exciting experience especially when the adversaries are varied too. There are the robbers and the cops apart from the zombies attacking from all sides. The campaign is to be a fearless fighter that is battling to survive the ultimate zombie boss and unlock the next level.

The engaging multiple modes

The Multiplayer Deathmatch Mode is perhaps the most talked about that enables the player to start the game with a team of friends in any part of the world or a known circle of friends. With the provision of up to eight players in the game, there is plenty of possibility to wage a real war against the enemy camp. The biggest advantage that all players including me appreciated is the availability of the chat while playing that enabled us to plan the attack and support each other well. We had the choice of latest weapons for the attack along with the simple knife to cut the enemy out of the fray. This pixel gun 3d cheat makes your gaming experience more joy able.

The overall experience

The gameplay certainly has enhanced user experience given that the skin can be modified, and there is the possibility of every player to make his own skin and show off in the multiplayer mode. The game was fun all through though it may not look so to someone that is yet to try his hands at it. It can be tough at the higher levels, and you need to be good shooters to crack through the fierce attacks from the hordes of enemies.  As the game is available for the iOS and the Android versions, it surely deserves a good rating from the users.

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